Marketing Career Internships


Get Hands On Marketing Experience

Katz Direct Marketing is a fast-growing education marketing and startup marketing consultancy that is helping our clients revolutionize their organizations and their industries with strategic marketing programs. As our company grows, we are seeking the right people to join our talented team. This is an opportunity to gain real world experience while building connections with and being mentored by smart, innovative leaders in Education, E-Commerce, Marketing and Design. For the right candidates there are huge networking opportunities for future employment. We thrive on mentoring our interns and helping them learn as much as possible during their time with us.

About the Opportunity

Our founder Josef had some pretty bad marketing internships when he was in college and has vowed never to have an intern lose out on a learning and hands-on marketing experiences. This is not about filing or getting coffee. You’ll be working, researching and implementing marketing that will drive future business. Basically we want to give you a success story that will help you get your first job. This is a great opportunity for an entrepreneurial, detail-oriented individual to gain valuable marketing and communications experience. You’ll work closely with our founder and his senior advisors on projects that include media, segmentation, email marketing, social media, UX/UI & Search Marketing (SEO and PPC – if you don’t know what those are now, you will when the internship is over). You will:

  • Contribute to a wide variety of marketing, communications, social media planning and content development programs
  • Gather and interpret data to test pages, launch new campaigns or update content
  • Learn how to use Google analytics to drive future marketing programs
  • Explore any other marketing idea that pops up during your time with us

What You Should Have:

  • Availability of 15+ hours a week/Weekend hours available.
  • Interest and ability to work remotely
  • A degree (or be pursuing a degree in) in marketing/communications or related field
  • Ability to communicate effectively (written and verbal)
  • Willingness to do what is required to achieve the end goal
  • Motivation to work hard in a fast-paced company

Ready to WOW the Marketing Maestro?

Send a resume to with “Marketing Intern” as the subject and find at least one other way to reach out to Josef to show him you’re interested in learning marketing.

Customer Review

At Katz Direct Marketing, you’ll learn how Consumer Generated Content, including customer reviews and testimonials, can be an important element that moves consumers to purchase. Here’s a review from a previous intern that will show you why applying for our internship will change your life:

My internship with Josef Katz was anything but ordinary. I was given the rare opportunity to work so closely with someone who has years of experience in marketing. The internship was the perfect way for me to gather a deep understanding of online marketing, especially for someone who up until my internship only learned about marketing through college classes, research and the occasional group project at school.

Josef fully immersed me into the world of online marketing — providing books, blogs, resources, challenging projects and his exceptional knowledge. Meetings weren’t just about the next project but instead were a learning experience where I walked away with more knowledge and understanding than any book or college course could have taught me.

He pushed me out of my comfort zone – challenging me to write content for blogs and web pages which continuously built my confidence. Something that has provided me success in my current career path.

Josef has a great coaching manner when working with his peers — or in my case, intern. He helped me understand ways to improve and was always quick with praise when we succeeded together.

Christine Saba