Marketing Tip – Monitor Your Brand Online Part 2

by Josef Katz on October 27, 2009

in Brand Monitoring

In my last marketing tip I wrote about how you can use Google Alerts for managing your brand and a few other marketing related ideas.  Not too long ago I learned about a new use for Google Alerts.

How would you like to know whenever someone links to your blog or site?

All you need to do is set up a link alert.  Just go to Google Alerts and put this in the search term box –

link: (yourblogurl (or site) is of course the address of your blog).

Note: You won’t get an alert for sub pages of your blog unless you set them up individually (by post url).

In addition to brand monitoring this is an opportunity to network. If someone links to your blog, you might want to comment back on their blog, drop them a note of thanks or reach out and build a relationship with them.

Anyone want to test out my alert?

My alert for this marketing blog is set for the following url:

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