Monitor Your Brand Online Part 3

October 20, 2008

I have been “playing around” with Twitter (you can follow me if you would like) for almost a year and there always seems to be something new coming out for Twitter.  In addition to meeting some new folks and following some interesting people there are some definite business uses for the application. Twitter search allows […]

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Selling to Leads

July 31, 2008

Every sales person I know wants more leads to work. Unfortunately, the number of leads is only half of the equation. The number to focus on is your closing rate. Of course, the quality of the leads is important and sales teams often use poor quality as an excuse to explain for their lack of […]

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Give Me More Leads

July 31, 2008

As a marketer I get requests from sales teams all the time.  We need more leads!  The only issue with this request is that the number of leads is only half of the equation.  The number to focus on is your conversion/close rate.  From that number you can work back and determine the optimal number […]

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The Marketing Process and What Not To Do

July 30, 2008

Everyone thinks they are a marketing expert (they probably are not) but everyone should not have a say in your marketing. Keep it simple and on point and you will see the return on your efforts. For a great example of how a simple idea can go wrong very fast by having too many people […]

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How To Get Rich Books

June 26, 2008

At Trump University I conducted a number of book marketing efforts but today a book ad caught my eye. The title of the book How To Get Rich by Felix Dennis (founder of Maxim magazine) just comes right out and says what the book is all about. The ad’s headline is You’ll Never Get Rich […]

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Savvy Networking

June 24, 2008

Andrea Nierenberg is a professional networker. She has written a number of books on the subject and just the other day I started to read her latest book Savvy Networking 118 Fast and Effective Tips for Business Success. This book is for anyone who needs to grow their business, market themselves, get clients, sell anything […]

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Using Bullets and Buttons To Sell

June 18, 2008

Over the last few weeks I ran a multivariate test on one of our registration pages. The final results are still being worked on but some of the initial findings are worth sharing. Here are a few key areas everyone could probably benefit from when building out web pages or writing sales copy. Be very […]

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We Know Our Business Best

May 31, 2008

How often do you hear an executive struggling with a marketing problem and not wanting to hire an agency or additional resources declare: “We know our business better then any outside agency” Of course not and that is exactly why you should hire an outside resource.  You know your business and how to run it […]

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Valuable Customer Alienated by Verizon Wireless

April 19, 2008

OK so this is not news to anyone…. It is however a sad statement of what we have come to expect when dealing with companies like Verizon who really don’t care about you as a customer or the business you represent. They don’t understand Customer Life Time Value. They care that their return policy says […]

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Voice Mail Marketing

March 17, 2008

I get sales calls daily for every media and marketing company imaginable.  I am always amazed at how ineffective many of the sales people are when leaving messages.  Most people ramble on as if I care or have time to listen to a full sales pitch on a voice message.  A few just leave a […]

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