Shhh! Here’s How to Tap the Power of Secrets in Marketing

by Josef Katz on May 5, 2015

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Marketing SecretsFind Your Marketing Secret

I am sure that this principle is not a big “secret” to most marketers. But just in case, let me explain the secret to marketing secrets.

Do you have the secret solution to a problem that your customers are facing – maybe a problem they do not even know about? Well if you do,  you have an opportunity to market the secret solution to that problem. You also have a great way to build your database, create a lead generation campaign and feed your email marketing programs. The added benefit is you get to position your business as a solution provider. After all, most people want to do business with the industry experts, right?

Let me give you a few examples of what I mean by marketing a secret, written in marketing copy:

  • Free Download – 8 secrets colleges don’t want you to know
  • Secrets to Facebook marketing success revealed
  • 5 Internet Marketing Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs
  • 29 Content Marketing Secrets – Free eBook – Online Marketing Blog
  • 10 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

You get the idea. If you do a search for almost any business category + secrets, I bet you find something.

BTW – this approach works well in both B-B and B-C marketing efforts.

A Case for Not Keeping Secrets

Years ago at StraighterLine one of the earliest pieces of content I had created was a report on “8 Secrets colleges don’t want you to know.”  The marketing plan behind this content marketing effort included the following:

  • Help us tell the StraighterLine story – we were a new and relatively unknown business with a disruptive business model in the educational industry.
  • Provide great fodder for our content marketing efforts – over time this content would find a home on our site first as a promotional call to action and later as a piece of evergreen content.
  • Build our database  – you had to provide an email to download the report.
  • Support of our SEO efforts – the content and landing pages were optimized for search engine marketing with relevant keywords.

Some Secrets are Worth Telling – Marketing Results

While we only promoted this content for a few months it continued to provide an ROI for our business in terms of leads, qualified site traffic and sales.  Four years after “8 Secrets” was initially published, it was consistently bringing in new users and customers.

Are you looking to drive sales for your school or business? What secrets can you reveal to help your business grow?

What seems like a “no brainer” to you is probably still a secret to your potential customers.  Let me know (leave a comment or give me a buzz) what secrets you want to share and we can find an interesting way to get the word out through marketing those secrets.


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