Hiring a Senior-Level Marketing Professional, Part One . . .

by Josef Katz on March 24, 2015

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How to Hire a Senior-Level Marketer for Specific Products or Offerings  

Over the years I have spoken to a fair number of people about filling senior-level marketing positions.  Those conversations have happened at companies I worked for, at companies that were potential clients for me, and at companies that have asked me for marketing advice. Those talks have shown me that at the end of the day, there are really only a few valid reasons to hire a senior-level marketing professional for your business.

Today, I’m beginning a series of posts that will explore those reasons. Today, we will consider one of them . . .

You Need a Marketer to Set Up and Manage Strategic Marketing Programs for Specific Products or Offerings

If this is your need, here are some questions to ask the candidates you are considering:

  • What do they know about marketing?
  • Do they know how to use all the tools and channels, including digital, offline, branding, etc.? If someone comes in and talks about just one channel or can’t discuss marketing holistically, that person is not right for a senior-level job. They might be good for a director position to oversee a channel, but they are probably stuck in tunnel vision and should broaden their experience and knowledge base before they work for you.
  • Ask for an example of a plan they put together and implemented.  Follow up with representatives of the company where that happened to be sure you are being told the full story.

As you ask the questions above, dig into every point.  Ask a lot of “why” questions and if you get good answers, you probably have a winner.

Stay tuned for my next post in this series . . .

In my next post in this series, I will offer advice on how to hire a marketer who can position your business strategically. See you then!

A Free Offer to You

Feel free to contact me and I will gladly help you review any marketing candidates you are considering. I have interviewed many candidates over the years and I have developed a pretty good ear and eye for top-quality candidates.

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