Thinking Outside The Box

by Josef Katz on October 22, 2013

in Marketing,sales

thinking-outside-the-boxIf a marketing services company tells me one more time that their company will “think outside of the box” about our business I might have to slap someone silly.

How cliché is the phrase “think outside the box”?

Just the other day a sales person called to pitch their services.  There were a number of things about the call which were just wrong some of which I have written about in the past but I let this guy go on for a bit.  I then asked my standard question “why should we work with your company?” After telling me the entire list of “we are better” lines and claims of success, I replied, “but all your competitors can say the same things.  What makes you different?”  Oh, he said, “We think outside the box”.  Well I guess that settles it – I should sign up right now.  I think I might just get my own box and do my own thinking!

Here is a piece of advice for sales people pitching a marketing professional (I know we can debate what that means.) Come prepared to describe what makes your product or service unique or special.  Remember we spend most of our time thinking about how to position products and services to consumers (or businesses) so that our target audience understands what makes us unique.  The least you can do before calling on us is to make sure you do the same.

Thanks and now back to your thinking boxes.


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