What Can You Sell With Direct Marketing?

by Josef Katz on December 3, 2009

in Direct Marketing

Years ago on a job interview I was asked a questions about direct response marketing.  The question was What Can You Sell With Direct Marketing?  Being the “expert” in direct response marketing…I answered “pretty much anything” and then it hit me.  The agency had a bottled water client as well as other clients selling consumer packaged goods.  I quickly qualified my comment to exclude those sorts of products.

The point I was going to make was that if there is a defined/target market for a product or service you can find a way to market, advertise and sell using direct response media.  To make a long story short I got the job and had a lot of fun helping our clients become better and smarter database and direct marketers.

So what is my point?  The other day I worked with my son on a video. He had to “sell” his classmates on the book he read for a class book report.  We used a direct response television (DRTV) style to make his commercial.

So in short Direct Response Marketing done right can sell anything (except maybe bottled water).

Would you read this book?  Did we “sell it” to you?

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