Black Friday Marketing Tip

by Josef Katz on November 27, 2009

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Black Friday ShoppersI realize many retailers don’t want to participate in the Black Friday madness (opening up at 5AM or slashing prices on a few key items etc) but if you have a retail business and you are located near any retailers who are participating in the Black Friday promotion jump on the board and grab some foot traffic.

I am not suggesting you spend extra money on media or marketing promotions just think of a sale idea or two that you can post in the window of your store.  This is just basic merchandising.  You need people to walk into your store.  If all your neighbors in the mall or shopping center are creating buzz all those people will walk right by your shop.  Yes even your regular customers will pass you by for a deal.  Give people a reason to stop and shop.  Make sure it is time sensitive (create a sense of urgency) or  limited (create scarcity) so that shoppers are compelled to see what you have to sell.  Chances are you will sell to many new and existing customers and all you did was post a sign in your window.

I was in the mall this morning and the stores with people going in and out had promotions.  The stores without promotions posted in the windows were empty.

Remember timing is key to successful marketing.  If people are looking for sale or promotion you better have one for them or they will seek out someone who has a deal.  This time of year people are in buying mode but they want to see some great offers.

Good luck marketing.

PS – This idea holds true anytime the big retailers run major promotion.

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