Market Your Business With A Facebook Fan Page

by Josef Katz on February 11, 2009

in Social Media

note – updated post to reflect to company in 2010

As a member of Facebook and a fan of a number of pages it seemed like a fun way to keep tabs on various companies and causes.  After reading more about fan pages, understanding their place in the social media world and search marketing it was time to set StraighterLine up with a fan page.

Why create a fan page?  Here are a few reasons:

  1. Google finds the pages (and in case that is not enough here are a few more reasons…)
  2. A fan page is a fun way to show your corporate personality.
  3. There is hype around Facebook for a reason. Lots and lots of people use the platform so it can’t hurt to be where all the action is taken place.
  4. It is a great way to create a two way communication channel with your clients and potential clients.

I created this page to support StraighterLine: StraighterLine Facebook Fans

If you have any feedback or thoughts please share them with a comment. It is fascinating to watch the page grow with almost zero marketing.  If you have a business it is a fun way to interact with your clients, prospects and of course fans. In case you missed the memo… social media works!

Why become a fan?
Fans will be the first to know about special events, offers, opportunities to work with us and inside info we decide to “leak” etc. So check us out StraighterLine Fans on Facebook.

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