Savvy Networking

by Josef Katz on June 24, 2008

in Networking

Andrea Nierenberg is a professional networker. She has written a number of books on the subject and just the other day I started to read her latest book Savvy Networking 118 Fast and Effective Tips for Business Success. This book is for anyone who needs to grow their business, market themselves, get clients, sell anything or who just want to build a great network etc.

If you need a spark of inspiration you should pick up one of Andrea’s books.

The book is structured so that you can basically read from any page and get something out of it. Well item # 26 ‘Change Your Scenery’ was the one I picked today. The point is that we all need to get out of routines and do something different to meet some new people or have new experiences. Thinking about it I realized that I get energized when I get out of the office and break my daily routine. Even going to an industry conference is a great way to get the creative thoughts going again.

Now go out and change your routine…

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