Valuable Customer Alienated by Verizon Wireless

by Josef Katz on April 19, 2008

in CRM

OK so this is not news to anyone….

It is however a sad statement of what we have come to expect when dealing with companies like Verizon who really don’t care about you as a customer or the business you represent. They don’t understand Customer Life Time Value. They care that their return policy says 30 days. No exceptions or any attempt to help you out. All you get is a half baked excuse for a service person who is half paying attention to you while she spouts corporate policy as she talks with a coworker.

These experiences remind me that if you have a customer in your store or on the phone, isn’t it easier to make them happy and ‘bend’ a few rules then to send them on their way angry. Remember a happy customer will tell 2-3 people but an unhappy customer will tell 10 or more.

OK so I am not ‘happy’ with Verizon Wireless and if I had access to a senior executive who showed an ounce of concern for their customers I would gladly buy them a few books on customer service and marketing. Seth Godin’s book, The Big Moo would probably make the top of that list. I doubt companies like Verizon could attempt to be remarkable at how they treat customers but if it costs less to retain a customer then acquire a new one why not take a few minutes to understand what your customers want.

On that happy note… remember without customers you have no business so keep the customers you already have satisfied.

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