Don’t call me stupid

by Josef Katz on August 21, 2007

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The other day someone referred to some of their clients as stupid.  I couldn’t believe it .  Would you insult them in person I asked?  Do they pay your bills? Buy your product or service?  Would you do business with a company that called you stupid? I was (and still am) very frustrated with the experience for a few reasons.  Is this person calling me stupid behind my back?  More importantly as a marketer I work hard to generate leads and sales and if there is someone referring to my customers that way they are also belittling what I do for the business.  Customers and leads are gold and should be treated like royalty.  I believe the customer is always right. To cool off from this experience I searched for A Fish Called Wanda. If you haven’t seen it you will know why once you watch this short clip.

If you want to grow your business treat your customers as the most valuable asset you have.  If you do your customers will keep coming back and spread word of mouth about what you do, which many argue is the most credible marketing you can’t pay for.

If anyone ever referred to one of my customers in this way I would give them one warning and the next time out the door they would go.  There is no excuse for treating customers in anyway other then with respect and the highest regard.  Remember without customers you are out of business.

That is my rant for today. …And remember “don’t call me stupid”.

How would you handle this situation? Do you have a policy about how to refer to and treat your customers?

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